Monday, June 17, 2013

"THE WARMTH OF THE SUN" Songs Inspired By The Beach Boys

"THE WARMTH OF THE SUN" Songs Inspired By The Beach Boys: Subtitled Songs Inspired by the Beach Boys, this 19-track collection is an odd-duck assortment of new and old tracks that somehow all fit under this surf, hot rod, Brian Wilson-influenced umbrella. From the obvious ("G.T.O.," "New York's a Lonely Town," "Hot Rod High," and "Competition Coupe" to First Class' "Beach Baby") to the not-so-obvious ("Yellow Balloon," "My World Fell Down," and "Channel Surfing" to Eric Carmen's "She Did It"), this is a set of tunes that actually extend the musical ideas of Wilson and the group into modern times, showing the utter timelessness of their work. An interesting idea, an even better compilation. (Cub Koda, Allmusic)

1. New York's A Lonely Town - The Trade Winds 2. G.T.O. - Ronny & The Daytonas 3. Hot Rod High - The Surfaris 4. Girl On The Beach - Rick Henn 5. Sunshine Music - Papa Du Run Da Run 6. You're Gonna Ride With Me - The Hondells 7. Competition Coupe - The Astronauts 8. There's No Surf In Cleveland - The Euclid Beach Band 9. I Believe In Her - The Trade Winds 10. I Live For The Sun - Jeffrey Foskett 11. Yellow Balloon - Yellow Balloon 12. My World Fell Down [Single-Version] - Sagittarius 13. She Did It - Eric Carmen 14. Rendezvous - The Hudson Brothers 15. As Long As I'm With You - The Rubinoos 16. Love Tonight - Fraternal Order Of The All 17. Thru My Window - Jeffrey Foskett 18. Channel Surfing - Alan Boyd 19. Beach Baby - First Class
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