Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Using Google Earth to find water for power plants

Using Google Earth to find water for power plants:
Here in the United States, we’re very fortunate that the inability to find water to drink is an extremely rare event for any of our citizens.  Because of the abundance of water in most areas, we can use it for much more than drinking and irrigation. In fact, there is so much water that we use more of it to help with thermoelectric power production than we do for agricultural irrigation.
To help operators find additional sources of water for coal-fired power plants, the Office of Fossil Energy (in coordination with various other groups) has put together the Alternative Water Source Information System, a powerful Google Earth-powered app to help find water sources near power plants.
In addition to the map itself, there are some search features on the left to help narrow down your area of need.  The data is fairly simple, but their use of Google Earth helps to present it in a excellent manner.  The application was created and hosted by Tulsa-based ALL Consulting LLC, who focus on “energy, water management, earth science, planning, engineering and technology”.
(via The Daily Fusion)
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