Monday, July 1, 2013

[Column] Don’t wait for them to report the truth and save us.

[Column] Don’t wait for them to report the truth and save us.:
When you turn on the TV in Romania, you’ll see they broadcast exactly the same TV shows as US, France and Japan. Even if it’s news, music, comedy, they all look exactly the same.

This was a discovery for me.

When you go out, you’ll see people talk and behave exactly the same as the people in TV. This was another discovery for me.

Economically, culturally and historically, Romania is different from every other country like they are.

Politician, police, and mass media. They are the universal and basic structure of all the countries.
The slogan of Fukushima Diary is “against media blackout”.

What does that mean ? Protest against the media companies or the government? Prove they lie to us ?

No, they are not accurate. The slogan means, Remember we can ignore them.
Fukushima Diary is not competing. It’s not fighting against any specific body.

Fukushima Diary is showing everyone can be a replacement of media, and everyone can live without the protect of the government.
I’m not an expert about anything. but I can update the world about what is going on in Fukushima nuclear plant now if you read it.

Now there are only a handful of people remaining updated about Fukushima situation. They have been attending the press conference of Tepco from day zero and still fully motivated. The point is they are all individuals.

The situation keeps changing. If you miss one event, it would be difficult to catch up with.

Even I find it difficult to catch up if I’m offline for a half day.
If you are motivated, you can be better than mass media.
I’m also researching a good place for Japanese. I know the government will never care about us.

I chose ignoring instead of begging.
This is what I believe justice is.
I don’t wait for the TV to report the truth. The same way, I don’t wait for the government to save us. If you feel like something is wrong, you don’t have to wait for someone to confirm it. Just do it.

Nobody is going to save us but ourselves.

“I’ll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason”
-Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums, APC